Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tredding Water

I just feel the need to write...not that I have much new to say. I'm almost to nine weeks in my pregnancy. I'm feeling really tired, sick, and achey despite getting lots of sleep last night and today.

It's funny what I like to eat this pregnancy. I mean it's different than other pregnancies. I want strawberries and steak and water. And, I don't like bread or milk (homemade whole wheat or white). That's annoying. Hopefully, that will settle out after the first trimester. I've been doing oranges in the middle of the night. But, I'm getting quite tired of that. And, basically I'm hungry a lot. Then, it seems the only thing to curb that is some meat. But, I'm not so fond of the smell of meat. Being pregnant is crazy. Oh, and of course I like salads. I always like those.

We had another calf since I wrote on Homeschool Blogger last. This is number three for the season. Unfortuneately, we aren't sure if it will make it. It's a bad combination.

We got some new cows and this cow is CRAZY - so with a problem calf, she's hard to work with. Her calf was being born with one leg out and one leg in, which caused it to be stuck. She was crazy during labor and my husband was kind of scared to get in there and work with her - she actually tried to run at him a time or two. We determined that she had that problem going on of one leg stuck inside and that if we didn't do something the calf would not be born alive (it had already been a bit long). My husband paneled the cow and pushed the head back in, grabbed the leg and pulled it out. Then, he wanted me to help pull. I asked if he was sure it was safe and he said she (the Momma) couldn't do anything right then. I helped pull it out. It's funny I felt perfectly unsick for about an hour (all the adrenaline). We were excited to have saved the calf. But, the calf was REALLY weak and couldn't stand  and our local farm store was closed till morning and we couldn't get the colostrum till about 12 hours (pretty long for a calf). It's still been weak. We've electrolyted it and my husband has actually milked the CRAZY cow by headgating her (her head in stuck in a contraption). Then he tubed the calf the milk. The cow doesn't seem to have a lot of maternal instinct. And, now we just wonder if the calf does get stronger if it will know to go to Momma.

If the calf doesn't live, we are thinking we won't keep this cow as she doesn't seem tamable. And even if the calf does live - we won't keep her longer than weaning. The continuing saga of raising cows. These cows we just bought were supposed to be "EASY CALVING" cows.

Not too much else to say. We actually did a half day of school today. I am so achy and tired and sick feeling right now and just want to be unconcious. It's all about the baby. There really is a baby in there and I'm going to feel good again.

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