Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Life Right Now

Did I scare you away from my blog yet with all my emotions?

It's been a challenging couple of weeks between first trimester stuff and all the regular and non-regular life that goes on. I've been challenged with anxiety again since getting pregnant, although not as bad as in the past. I'm having trouble keeping up with the house. Smells are a big deal and the sick to my stomach feeling that goes along with them, as well as a general achiness. I remember this passes after first trimester - although the tiredness and achiness has sometimes resumed for me at the end of my pregnancy. I think that has had to do with iron - even though I wasn't officially anemic, but was right on the line. I wonder if I am that way now? Do you know how much extra blood your body produces in a really short period of time? Yet, I'm hesitant to take much extra iron (any in addition to my prenatal) because of the side effects that are so strong first trimester. I've read that the liquid irons are better, but I can't stomach them (even when I'm not pregnant).

I really am excited to have another baby. It doesn't seem real yet. Plus, I just keep wanting to see that ultrasound and hear it's mostly free and clear. We had one that had a startling result at the ultra-sound. She had one non-working kidney and they said she might be downs, but she was not. We took out her kidney at one year and her other one is fine and does the work of two. She is my really rambunctious child - we (her kidney doctor and her Dad and I) joked before she was born that she would be that way - after all she "COULDN'T" lose her kidney - because she only had one good one.

Recently...last December...I added things to our schedule. We were already taking dance. And, we added art (for Natalie) and swimming (for both the bigger girls). Natalie is an ARTEEST and it is one of her greatest joys and I'm glad for her to be taking art. Both girls NEED to learn to swim.

Now, I have added Orchestra for Natalie. I know I'm crazy. But, just a few more weeks and I'll be feeling better.

Natalie took violin lessons for two and half years (really three years, but there were some breaks for me having a baby and for Natalie having a pendacitis). She was without lessons since last July. But a few months ago she broke a string. For some reason, for the longest time I put off fixing it - I thought the violin store would have the fix her string and that it would be a hefty price tage (they charge like $150 to restring and recalibrate violins). But, actually, when I called they said, a broken string they could just replace, no charge (except for the string). So, I told Nat this and she started to remind me daily to replace her string. After about the eighth time, I snapped at her. She started crying. And, I asked her if playing the violin was something very important to her. She cried more. To give you an idea...I got the string replaced one day...she practiced for about an hour that day (no pressure from me). The next day was the day before this Orchestra evaluation and she practiced for about an hour and a half that day (again no request from me). That morning of the Orchestra evaluation, she practice for about an hour. She was put into level two Orchestra at the evalution and asked to come to Orchestra the next day if she liked. We went today. The class was an hour long. She was all grins afterwards. When we got home after a long and exhausting day (she had art class today too), she wanted to practice some more. She practiced for about fourty-five minutes. I'd say the violin is something that is important to her and not just something I'm directing her in. So, for that reason, even in the middle of all of this, I felt like I needed to add that to our schedule. Next year, I'm going to have to do some serious evaluating. I'm guessing four outings a week may be a bit much for our family. But, for now, that's what we're doing.

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