Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pregnancy Struggles

I had a day the other day where I felt good (almost normal) for about five or six hours. Then, the day after it, I didn't feel like I could move from the couch all day. I think a lot of it is related to how much sleep I got. And every time I tried to take a nap that day, I was awoken by a phone or  fighting children...or after my dear husband took the children...this stop watch thing went off.

This pregnancy, according to my memory is up there with the morning sickness of my first pregnancy. But, so far I do get over "morning" sickness by thirteen weeks every time. So, I'm looking forward to that date. As far as what doctor's recommend...pretty much they tell me this is the first trimester and that's how you feel, have you tried eating saltines? Last time when I was getting real desperate they offered me some anti-nausea medicine, but that made me so out of it, it really wouldn't be worth it unless I literally could sleep all day. Plus, no need to add extra medicine. A couple weeks after that point last time, I was feeling better. I just hope the baby is OK. I love getting that 18 week ultrasound and finding out everything looks basically OK.

Enough of that. We have not been doing hardly any school. That's OK. Learning is lifelong and we can do school in the summer. We have been doing the activities we're signed up for, but I've been skipping about one a week. I'm really signed up for about one too many things, but I just don't want to get rid of one of them right now. We are doing Violin (Natalie only), Art (Natalie only), Swimming (both older girls), and Dance (both older girls).

The dance is during a hard time of day for "morning sickness" and four and five and that's when my evening edition of morning sickness tends to pop back up. But, it's real close to home and to work. I wish I could talk my husband into dropping off and picking up the girls for this...but he's not too fond of hanging out with a bunch of girls and women. So...we'll see.

Natalie is just LOVING being back in violin. I don't think I realized how important it was to her.

Swimming...well my girls are six and eight and still don't swim. They need to learn. I could pay for it myself in summer, but then you go every day and that's a big committment and they've never had much success from Summer lessons. I just need to stick out this first trimester a couple of weeks.

Art. Natalie loves it. I guess I wouldn't have started it if I had had the presence of mind for how quickly I would become pregnant and for how much morning sickness I would have. But, I just can't take it away from her now having just been in it since mid-November. It's close to violin and last week I got her Dad to pick her up from art. I put a couple hours in at work in exchange though...

I've been trying to take picture here and there. I have one here to show you. Today it is pouring down rain and dark, so I'm not sure I'll get any taken today. It's a real outlet for me to take pictures. I can get lost in it.



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